INTELLIGENT Health Monitoring

Leaders in health monitoring technologies

Over 20 years of care for infants in over 30 countries.
We have developed world's first non-touch Babysense Breathing Monitors.

Our product families

Our children product line is clinically tested, field proven and trusted by parents worldwide. Our upcoming products for healthy elderly and Chronic Illnesses monitoring are aimed to revolutionize personal wellbeing and health lifestyle of millions more around the globe.


Breathing Cessation

Healthy Elderly

Vital Signs

Chronic Ilnesses

e.g. Hypoglycemia

Personalized predictive insights

Our innovation team works on taking our sensor technology to the next level. Beyond real time alerts, SNSOR is dedicated to utilize the medical data accumulated from the device sensing operation for the benefit of our customers. State of the art algorithms are aimed at analysing personal bio-vitals over time and provide essential predictive insights that may change the way we act and live way ahead of reaching medical instability.


Data Collection

SNSOR devices collect your valuable health monitoring data over time with absolute care for your privacy. No medical record is being lost to time and all is available for access in time of medical need.

AI Analysis

State of the art algorithms perform deep learning employing patterns recognition and context related analysis. We aim to automate intelligent review of the accumulated data to learn better how to improve our medical lives.


Predictive Insights

Based on massive machine learning and context driven analysis, we aim to provide our customers with automated predictive insights of their health status in natural human language and actionable ease.


Data as a Service (DaaS)

Our vision is millions of SNSOR devices united under one grid, providing a constant stream of vital medical data collected from around the world.

100% anonymous

100% reliable

Globally accessible

Such vital information may provide grounds for unparalleled advancement in preventive care, medical devices, insurance, hospital records and more.
SNSOR intends to provide access to this invaluable data repository on a subscription basis to both individuals and enterprises.